Service Scorecard #throwback #dec2009

Numbers have been something so much attached to our life. Everywhere, now and then, we always been or try to be labelled by number. For example, First, 10 was Beckham’s favourite number and surprisingly, all the fans will wear that number just to be his wannabe. Second, if we play Mafia Wars or any game either on Facebook or MySpace, we will see our performance base on the player level of 231, 501 Mafia Family Collected or the Daily Chance – as our luck will be represented by the 5 numbers selected.

Getting to the fact that performance measurement is a number based game or label, don’t you think a number can represent the true value of us? Our intellectual capital, our networking, our dignity and pride, value and experience? How do these intangible assets of ours will be valued? And we already know that situation, emotion, time and environment does affect the outcome of evaluating the value of the people.

Considering this factor, the organization builds and based on the human, empowered by a system and aiming to achieve certain numbers that can be measured, so with certain numbers, they will be labelled success or profitable.

I would disagree that by only using the scientific approach, we will found the truth. Just an analogy, by limiting our research just too hard cold numbers (i.e the numbers of torchlight) will not reveal the darkroom fully. We may need a nose (to smell the room air quality), a pair of eyes (to see how attractive the darkroom) and a pair of ears (to hear is anybody inside or outside the room).

Same as Scientific Approach (powered by numbers), subjective measures (powered by human value) are important to performance measurements.
Qualitative and quantitative must go along with organizational behaviour.

As a result, I would like to say I’m agreed with the architecture of newly developed Service Scorecard. The focus of the measurement is human and then only seconded by the scientific approach.

Happy Holiday Everyone.